Watermelon Seed Oil

Watermelon seed oil is an ultra-fine, light oil that is fast absorbing and deeply penetrating, moisturizing, and contains a wealth of dense nutrients. It contains oleic acid, omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin A, B, and E, and a host of minerals, including magnesium, iron, copper, and potassium that enrich hair and skin. Watermelon seed oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids, dominated by linoleic (63%) and oleic (15%) acids. Its unsaturated fatty acids hydrate the skin, and, unlike some oils, it absorbs quickly into the skin, which means it is perfect for all types: dry, oily, or acne-prone.

1) Promotes Hair Growth

Arginine (an amino acid) is essential in our bodies and helps with blood circulation in the scalp. Watermelon seed oil naturally contains a lot of citrulline that increases the level of arginine and is therefore good for promoting hair growth.

2) Prevents Hair Loss 

Watermelon seed oil is packed with Vitamin C, which helps your body to use non-heme iron – this ensures that enough iron is in your red blood cells to assist in carrying oxygen to your hair follicles, promoting healthy hair. Collagen is also needed for healthy hair growth and watermelon seed oil helps promote collagen formation.

3) Moisturizes Hair

Watermelon Seed Oil is a very light oil, which helps to moisturize all hair strands. Its ability to penetrate is like no other oil. 

4) Hydrates Skin

Dehydrated skin can lead to a dull and dry appearance, but watermelon seed oil has 90% water content that helps to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. This can help to keep your skin supple and looking great.

5) Acts As A Skin Toner

Watermelon seed oil contains a natural substance that helps to shrink body tissues. This essentially means that watermelon is a natural toner that can help to refresh the skin.

6) Prevents Skin From Aging 

As we get older our skin becomes thinner and less able to recover from damage. Our body is full of ‘free radicals’ that damage cells over time and can attributed to the cause of aging skin. Watermelon seed oil is full of antioxidants such as lycopene and also vitamin C and A which helps reduce these free radicals that can slow down the signs of aging. The consumption of Vitamin A can encourage growth of collagen and elastin cells that helps your skin stay young and supple.

7) Prevents Oil Production In Skin

Sebaceous glands secrete oil that can be troublesome for keeping skin clear. Watermelon is packed with Vitamin A, reducing skin pore size and the amount of oil that your sebaceous glands secrete. Watermelon is believed to help with acne due to this these properties.

8) Prevent free radical damage

Watermelon seed oil acts as an antioxidant to the skin cells. It counteracts with oxidizing agents and free radicals which are the major cause for speeding up aging process and also induce UV radiation damage. Massage with this oil to the skin. It enhances the skin to prevent free radical damage.

9) Eliminate toxins/Scalp/Hair Detox

This oil assists the body to eliminate toxins. Massage with warm oil to remove the environmental toxins and dirt from the skin. It acts as a great hair/skin detoxifier and skin cleanser.

Lavendar Flower Essential Oil

Lavender oil can speed up hair growth. Lavender oil has properties that can generate the growth of cells and reduce stress. It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which can improve scalp health.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil can cause a cold, tingling feeling when it increases circulation to the area it’s applied to. This can help promote hair growth during the anagen (or growing) phase.

One study found that peppermint oil increased the number of follicles, follicle depth, and overall hair growth.

Rosemary Essential Oil

If you want to improve both hair thickness and hair growth, rosemary oil is a great choice thanks to its ability to improve cellular generation.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil has powerful cleansing, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. When used topically, it can help unplug hair follicles and increase hair growth.


Baobab Extract


Pressed from the seeds of the baobab tree, baobab oil is a luxurious, nutrient rich oil with many health benefits. It’s a plant-based moisturizer with a plethora of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids. Baobab oil is ideal to use on skin and hair because of its lightweight, smooth texture that absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy. 


1) Baobab oil supports a healthy skin moisture barrier 


2) Baobab oil preserves collagen




3) Baobab oil combats fine lines & wrinkles



4) Baobab oil conditions hair 


5) Baobab oil moisturizes the scalp


6) Baobab oil soothes irritation and eczema


7) Baobab oil fights free radicals


8) Baobab oil reduces damage from UV rays


9) Baobab oil protects from air pollution


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