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Welcome to the The Clean Version of Beauty! In a world full of all types of products, you have found the diamond in the ruff! I have always been sensitive to most beauty and personal care products, especially those full of chemicals and fragrance. I nearly lost my life 20 years ago when I had my lung removed due to environmental factors. Thank God I am still here to share my story and give you clean beauty products! Since I live with one lung, I wanted to create health and beauty products that are safe and clean for me, my family and my clients. Knowing the importance of clean ingredients, I focus on the power of plants (vegan) in Cadence Taylor Organic Beauty & William Brooks Grooming & Lifestyle for Men Products for your overall body, hair and skin health.

Did you know that 60% of everything that goes onto your skin goes into your bloodstream? With 20+ years experience as a Hair Expert and a Certified Wellness Coach, I combined all of my knowledge gathered with different hair types, hair issues and wellness to create these AMAZING lines! Cadence Taylor Beauty is the exclusive product line at my salon, Euphoric Essence Salon, which is the place Where Wellness Meets Beauty! Cadence Taylor Organic Beauty & William Brooks Grooming & Lifestyle for Men disturb the typical path of skin and hair products that compromise your health! Thank God and my family (Chris, Tamiah, Taylor, Larry & Cadence) for my inspiration and vision!  Move to the Clean Version of Beauty! I promise you won't regret it!

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