About Us

For those who are confused about what to use on your hair to get it healthy & growing; feel unattractive, helpless and in most times robbed because you have spent so much money on products that did not work.


If you experience allergic reactions, etc. from synthetic chemicals in most hair care products that result in an unhealthy scalp/hair and MORE!  


We have THE solutions!


Welcome to the The Clean Version of Beauty! In a world full of all types of Hair Products, you have found the diamonds in the ruff!


Founded in Houston, Texas 2020 we serve women and men who live a clean and minimalistic lifestyle.


We are your one stop shop for sustainable & organic hair care products for all hair textures and types!


We carry multiple brands for your haircare needs.


Our Brand: Cadence Taylor Organic Beauty & William Brooks Lifestyle (Men's Line) are hair care lines created by 20+ year Hair Expert, Salon Owner & Cert. Wellness Coach, Tashell Williams, who nearly lost her life 20 years ago when she had her lung removed due to environmental factors.   


She combined her knowledge and experience with different hair types & textures, hair issues and environmental wellness to create these AMAZING lines! 


All of our Brands that we carry deliver At-Home & Salon Approved hair products with Organic & Toxin - Free ingredients that simplify your hair care regimen, give you healthy hair and protect your health from chemicals typically found in hair care products. 


We are here to give you a more beautiful and healthier YOU! Our products are for all textures and hair types: Straight, Wavy, Curly & Kinky! 


Our Brand Partnership: Innersense Organic Beauty Products



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